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SaYes Consulting currently engages with several incubator/accelerator organizations within the Midwest with the explicit purpose of providing educational resources to the connected community which builds stronger relationships with the broader ecosystems of the M2M and IoT market.

Listed below are some of the community networks we are engaged with.

We are an innovation accelerator that leverages a network of hundreds of partners from university + industry (represented by the “UI” in our name), along with startups, government, and community groups, to address problems too big for any one organization to solve on its own.

Our mission is to transform industries using digital technologies. Our existing innovation platforms – the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute, and City Digital – focus on manufacturing and infrastructure respectively, and we look forward to adding additional platforms to our portfolio.

Chicago’s brightest digital designers, engineers and entrepreneurs are shaping new technologies, disrupting old business models, and resetting the boundaries of what’s possible. If that sounds like you, join us.

Come to a place where you can share ideas, make mistakes, work hard, build your business and, with a little luck, change the world.

Welcome to 1871.

mHUB exists to ensure that Chicago and our Heartland’s manufacturing industry continues to accelerate, grow and thrive. We are Chicago’s first innovation center focused on physical product development and manufacturing.


We are a co-working community of product designers, developers, entrepreneurs, engineers & manufacturers.

BLUE1647(TM) is an entrepreneurship and technology innovation center that fosters economic development in technology and 21st Century skills through people development (classes, workshops, and events around technology), workforce development (through youth and adult technology programs to prepare individuals for high-demand jobs) and Business Acceleration (through shared coworking-services).


As a beacon of resource, BLUE1647 provides impactful individuals and organizations the resources to realize their ideas for a better world. 

We can’t wait to start working with you.

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